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blackstarlight17 has started a donation pool!
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Main goal collecting points:

I want to save enough to possibly purchase some interesting prints not just for myself, but my parents as well.

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    Donated Feb 6, 2016, 11:59:31 AM
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    Donated Sep 13, 2014, 11:24:33 AM
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Most are pieces I would like myself, but I've seen some that I'm sure my parents would like to.

Therefore, I'm hoping to some day save enough, be it money or points to get one or two that they may enjoy.


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Too tired to think of a better title and that's how it feels today.

I just got home from the dentist and doing some errands with my mom, who also got her teeth done, yay her!

For myself, I got a root canal done on one of my teeth and waiting for the insurance to give the "OK" to get my crown. That means I have to baby this tooth until then. I have to watch what I eat more than normal and basically favor one side of my mouth when it comes to chewing even the soft foods and be careful when I brush/floss so I don't break it. Right now this tooth is basically a shell of its former self.

Also, I may need to get another root canal done for a different tooth, but by a specialist in the next town, but I'll deal with making the appointment tomorrow. I've been up since 7:50pm last night, I'm pretty much beat and want to relax.

But I'm happy though, up until this month, I didn't have ANY insurance, thus couldn't get anything done medical wise. Now that I have it, I’m using it to get those things done. By doing so, I now have new glasses, I've got at least one doctor's appointment out of the way, and now I got a dentist appointment taken care of.


At this rate, I'll have everything caught up hopefully by the end of this year, especially with minimum wage increasing from what I’ve heard. Depending how much it goes and how it may affect the insurance, I could lose it by next year, hence my basic scramble to get everything done. But that’s not for a few months, so until that time comes, I’m going to squeeze as much out as I can to get my health status up to date.



On the plus side, some cool things did happen. I finally joined Team Mystic for Pokémon Go (Articuno ftw), and I got a ton of Pokémon. My best catches were a Pidgeot and Kingler, the latter could have better CP, but it fills the Pokédex at least, right? I also got an egg at a Pokéstop and only just now figured out how to get it in the incubator. Game has been crashing which I'm sure most are experiencing too.

Another thing that kept happening, my pants kept sliding down whenever I got out of the car to do shopping. While I doubt I lost a ton of weight, something is going on where I may need to start wearing a belt to ensure they don’t fall down to low. So while it’s annoying, it's a good annoyance, it means I'm either losing weight or on the road to do so by "deflating" in a sense.

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Has anyone gotten a weird error when trying to log onto their Tumblr, told they had to update the password, only to have a bunch of text with no links to click?

If so, is there a way to fix it, or a way to contact the site itself to inform them of the issue?
Almost forgot to mention, bought a FNAF's Vinyl figurine at Walmart. Last one there and I was joking with my mom about the Puppet being inside and even hoping so. Told her if it was, I was going to put it next to my bed :XD:

Guess what? The Puppet was inside and when I showed my mom, she's like "Why are you torturing me with such these creepy things?"

Yes, I have officially creeped my mom out with the game :XD:

Also, I now have 3 things with the Puppet, an emoji figurine, a key chain, and now this one. He's set up next to my bed ;P

Also I got  posters, two of which are FNAF's, the third being Kuroshitsuji, the Circus one :meow:
Finally got a new phone and downloaded Pokemon Go.

So far caught a Raticate, Rattata, Pidgey, and Spearow.

Would go out and hunt more down, but it's past 9pm and I've been running around all day prior to getting the phone ^^;
Doubt it's super important, but today's my cat, Lester's birthday :meow:

I think he knows it as he woke me up for snuggling and kept whining when I tried going back to sleep :XD:
Seems I now started something at work.

I found a Christmas Tweety at work and brought it inside for lost & found, only for one of my coworkers to find it and make it his new best friend, posting it on FB :XD:

Kinda makes me wish I was working tonight as we'd be paired up and see what insanity he pulls :giggle:

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you have very nice art yourself! :)

commissions are always open, if you are interested!
thank you again!
blackstarlight17 Featured By Owner 4 days ago   Digital Artist
You're welcome and I'll keep it in mind :nod:
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also, im hosting  this raffle you might be interested on-…
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Cool, though I might have to check it out later, I'm going to be going to work soon.
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